Carolyn Merrill


Welcome to East Shore Online!

I have worked in public education for 29 years, 14 years as a math teacher and 15 years as a school administrator. I have been the principal at East Shore Online for three years.

I love working at East Shore Online. My brilliant staff members work hard every day in contributing their talents and skills to the continual improvement of East Shore Online! They are also very fun to work with!

I also enjoy working with my wonderful online teachers. Together we have learned a great deal about building a program of digital curriculum to benefit the secondary students in Alpine School District. My online teachers are innovative, professional, and they genuinely want all students to experience success in our digital learning environment.

I want to express appreciation for the fine educators and leaders in Alpine School District. The collaborative partnership East Shore Online shares with these individuals gives Alpine School District students and parents another educational opportunity to meet their specific educational goals.

Thank you and I hope you have a great experience with East Shore Online!

Carolyn H. Merrill

McKay Jensen

Technology and Curriculum Coordinator