Allison Mower


My name is Allison Mower. I have been teaching English for 14 years. Since 2000, I have taught at Alpine Life and Learning Center, Lehi Junior High School, and East Shore High School. I now teach at Polaris High School. I live in Mapleton with my husband and three children. I love to garden, hike, camp, and read. I just started woodworking and am enjoying the new adventure!

Catelyn Alder

Business Law
Financial Literacy

Hi! I’m Catelyn Alder. I am a teacher for East Shore High School. I started teaching in Alpine School District 7 years ago. I graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in English Education and a Business Core teaching endorsement. I have always had a passion for education and believe in the importance of building a solid foundation. I love that East Shore Online works to accommodate many different students, from many different schools. I love that we provide a unique online learning experience to meet the needs of our students. I have lived in Utah my entire life. My husband and I have been married for 8 years and enjoy playing sports with our kids in our free time. I love to plan, organize, read, exercise, and spend time with my family.


Kira Ludwig-Shelton


I am Kira Ludwig-Shelton. I started teaching 8 years ago and have never stopped loving it. I teach English and love the way language arts shapes who we are and how we see the world. Reading, writing, and critical thinking have only become more important with the changes we see in technology and social media, so I love that English is a subject that is as important as ever.

In addition to teaching, I have 3 children who have opened my eyes to their world of wonder and excitement. I am also a freelance layout designer, so I get to tap into an artistic side as I create wedding invites, custom decor, and magazines.

M.Mortensen copy

Margaret Mortenson


Let me introduce Margaret L Mortenson. Margaret was born in Clear Creek, California, grew up in a little town called Westwood, California by beautiful Lake Alminor in the mountains, moved to Citrus Heights at age five, near Sacramento, attended San Juan High School, then Brigham Young University, (Summa Cum Laude), and received a Master’s of English specializing in writing from Utah State University. She taught at Provo High for one year, Kearns High for two years, American Fork Junior one year, Orem High fifteen years, where she served as English Department chair for three years, then English Department chair and English teacher at Timpanogos High for eight years. She also served as Language Arts Director for Alpine School District for three years. Although retired, she can’t seem to give up teaching and is now teaching for East Shore Online. She has four wonderful children, and nine grandchildren whom she loves to “spoil.” Margaret loves to travel, and in February took a trip to Israel which was outstanding, and then in July went to Hawaii with her children and grandchildren. She loves writing stories and finding out about her ancestors and has published several books about her ancestors through Heritage Makers.


Mindy Monson


Hello! My name is Mindy Monson, and I am your instructor for your English 11 course. I began teaching English/Language Arts at Spanish Fork Middle School in 2002. Since then, I have taught at Alpine Life and Learning Center, Lehi Junior High School, East Shore High School, and Polaris High School. I live in Orem with my husband and four children. When I get a chance, I enjoy gardening, hiking, and reading.

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Pat Johnson

English Teacher

Hi, I’m Pat Johnson. I’m an Alpine District fixture, and now East Shore Online is my home. Literally, my home. When I log in I see all the names of students who need me, even if I’m still in my pajamas. It hasn’t always been so. I worked ten years at Canyon Junior High, ten more years at Timpanogos High and eight years at ALLC, East Shore, Polaris and UVU. At first, I begged the CVJHS principal to hire me for journalism and keyboarding—back in the day! Soon, however, I certified in English and have taught English 10, Creative Writing, and Business English to hundreds of students whom I loved. I’m delighted to be working with the new team at ESOHS and to be keeping up on everything educational. I have three princely sons, three beautiful daughters-in-law, and eleven award-winning grandchildren. Since they live all over the US, I use East Shore money to go play with them—and I take you along. I’m the English 10 teacher and encourage students to read my feedback and communicate with me. And add a picture, too.